Unlimited Power Projection  
What is “Secret of Success ” ? - Set your Goal / Believe in yourself / Begin - take a charge / Check your Action / & Never give up !
These Secret of Success is open to all but most of the people are not getting the desired result, though they have all potential to get, why? Some People don’t aware about their Power, some are aware to them, even they don’t get 100% result ? why ? Though : “God has given the same Power to all”. “ All we have unlimited Power within us ”. So, come & realize the unlimited Power & their art of Projection in our Unlimited Power Projection Training workshops.
  This Training is designed for different category :  
1. UP2K (Unlimited Power Projection for Kids)  -  age group (8 -13 years)
2. UP2T (Unlimited Power Projection for Teenagers) -  age group (14 -18 years)
3. UP2SW (Unlimited Power Projection for Super Women) - Specially for  Housewives / working women  too.
4. UP2G (Unlimited Power Projection for General)  -  18 Years onward (M / F)

It is  the  training is of  Over all Development  & unique method  is  applied  for maximum utilization of Brain Power in all walks of life. Method is same but application is different for different  participants (Kids/Teenagers/ Housewives / General category). Each category get special attention respective to their age & requirement.

Duration Days
Four (4) months / 54 hrs workshop

Every Saturday or Sunday  & one week day.

  1. One month Motivational workshop :
Shaping your Destiny Series. ( 4weekend = 4 sessions each 3 hrs session) = 12 hrs.
It’s a life changing workshop. The canvas of life will grow from 36 degree to 360 degree.
(see details about Shaping your Destiny on
  2. Physical Fitness (Basic, Intermediate & Advance)
1hr session (weekend & weekday = 28 hrs) Better Breathing + advance Asana + Various meditation + Complete training of Surya Namaskar + Aerobics (moving & Breathing techniques with art - how to attract positive things in your life).
see the benefits on .
  3. Brain Power Projection ( Thought process & Action)
1.30 hr session (weekend = 18hrs) .
    a. KBC Quiz : on various topics (depends on category of participants).
    b. Debate : on various issue (depends on category of participants).
    c. Extempore : ( Presence of mind + Performance).
    d. Effective communication & soft skills development.
    e. Get chance to explore hidden talents i.e. creative part.
  4. Last weekend
IQ Test ,Family gathering,sharing & Party.
  Benefits of this Programme : (Kids/ Teenagers / Women & All)  
Complete Physical fitness, emotional balance & stress management.
Overall development of Brain Enhances : IQ, (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient) And CQ.(Creative Quotient).
Self Reliant, Self Motivated, Improve in Concentration, Improve focus.
Self-confidence and independent problem solving skills.
Improve in Public Speaking, Memory, Successful in School Exams, Competitive Exams and Exams of Life.
Self-esteem, team work and leadership skill.
Life changing Shaping your Destiny workshop which makes permanent positive shift in our life. ( .

UNLIMITED  P0WER   PROJECTION (UP2) - ( 2 months workshops).
(Kids/ Teenagers / Women & All).
[ complete Physical  &  Motivational (Shaping  your  Destiny)  workshops ].

Duration Days
Two (2) months / 24 hrs workshop

Every Saturday or Sunday  & one week day.