It's an eye-opener transforming seminar. A powerful interactive session in which lots of activities are involved.
Success Of Life  
Training : Corporate Companies, Group, Institutes or Organizations.
During session U truly Understand & completely realize these which is given below:
I / Me / Myself ? – Ego or Ignorance.
Values & Action ? 
Result oriented Action ?
Check- What kind of result are we producing?
Is it 100% ?
  Power & art of their Projection ?    
  Weaknesses & Strength ?    
  Conversion of weaknesses into strength ?    
  Decision – the ultimate Pathway to Power ?    
  Commitment – Rules the world ?    
Know our existence ?    
Source of energy ?  
  Expression- law of life ?    
Live in SBT ?  
Come out from wrong boxes (Hurt / guilt / fear / hesitation / rebel / Anger..etc) ?  
Never say "I can not do" – Break the limited belief ?  
Change the canvas of life from 36 degree to 360 degree ?  
Understand Goal & Targets ?  
Set your goal & start making your own design ?  
Ultimate happiness – spread it.  
  Some Benefits  
  Understanding I (ego or Ignorance) original design of Human Being.    
Come out from the boxes of Hurt, Fear, Guilt, Complain, Rebel,Anger.. etc.  
Clear your doubts & hurdles of life & gain Confidence.  
Make a Positive shift in our life (i.e. process of Transformation).  
Understand Power & their art of Projection.  
Freedom from past burdens & convert weaknesses to opportunities.  
Goal & Targets setting session & start making his/her own design.  
Canvas of life grows from 36 degree to 360 degree i.e Turning Point of our life.  
Duration Fee Eligibility
2 Days
4 session (each session of 3 Hours).
Rs. 2550/- Per person
including (Lunch / Tea-coffee & snacks).
Above 14 years.
  FEE negotiable to : Group, Companies, Institutes or Organizations.  
  Part-1A : Shaping your Destiny (For Kids)  
  Powerful interactive session & lots of games & inspirational techniques works on kid's Belief system.  
  Same above & guarantied projection of super Power which is already within them.  
Duration Fee Eligibility
4 Days
Rs.2350/- Per kid.
including ( light breakfast & gifts).
8 to 14 years.
  FEE negotiable to : Institutes or Organizations.