Child-Parent relation is an ultimate bonding. Its a serious responsibility of Human being not only for his/her replica but also for next generation. Child Parent Relationship  
Some Benefits
Understand your Child & Learn to be your Child's Best Friend.
Be an Inspiration for your child & not an Instruction.
Bridge the Communication Gap.
Create Happy & Friendly Atmosphere at home.
Make your child Extra-Ordinary by understanding simple rules of parenting.
Counselling on Sex Education   Counselling on Sex Education: (Exclusively to Parents)
What is it ?
Why essential ?
When should start ?
How should start ?
Who will communicate ?
Mind it seriously for your child .
It's high time to grow for better tomorrow / to be proud Parents.
Duration Fee Eligibility
1 Day Workshop
(Time : 9:00am - 5:00pm)
Single = Rs. 800/- # Couple = Rs. 1000/- Exclusively to Parents.