God has given the same Power to all Human being & 24 hours are common to all. Surprisingly most of us are not aware about our Power which is with us. Sometimes we realize but don’t believe & left most of the things for Destiny instead to Project Unlimited Power of our own inner world.
DP Foundation - About Us  
And one more fact ..
Human being is another name of Sukh (happiness), Shanti (peace), Samriddhi (prosperity) & Utsav (celebration).Genuinely a human being wants to share these to others, but it seems that the whole life she/he is running behind these things.
So how & when, one can share these to others?
To make aware our own Unlimited Power & their art of Projection, Dada-Pota Foundation has set up his Head office in Mumbai and spreading the concept to all over India. We provide unique solution effectively in a very simple way for overall growth of Human being.
Our vital education works on mind, body & soul i.e. complete utilization of Brain Power for overall development.
Prabhash Kumar Founder : Prabhash Kumar  
A good human being, thinker, visionary, motivational speaker & transformer who have strong desire to empower the people to make better & powerful society.
Prabhash Kumar, a experienced Journalist, writer, social worker & keen observer of society. His Secret of Success programmes transformed many people & Unlimited Power Projection Programmes committed to make Powerful gen next & The super women- The Housewives.
Prabhash Kumar : a view Point
Every Human being is unique & has some purpose of life. So, our endeavor is to share these vital knowledge to all in a very simple way to find out their purpose.
Do you think?  
Man is born to live and not to prepare to live.
Man is not the creature of circumstances; circumstances are the creatures of men.
A consistent man believes in destiny, a capricious man in chance.
You are the only one who can shape your destiny others are means only, of course Dada-Pota Foundation is the strongest one. So, my friend Awake, Arise & Stop not.. because we are here to succeed. Live Life with full Identity & fully express to Universe.
Empower the people in the area of personal Positive transformation through our vital education & spread Love, knowledge, Peace & happiness in society.
To open a Dada-Pota Foundation’s Transformation center to all states of India & abroad.
Reasone Of Formation :
In the changing society, Personal Positive Transformation is the demand of time, because :
(a) Negative element is in increasing order. Heroes are rare.
(b) Only 4 % people are ruling the world though God has given the same Power to everyone.
(c) 90% people are using only 10% percent of his brain capacity.90% of the brain potential are unused.
(d) Everyone one want a huge space for oneself but has no space to others, even for their Parents. Is it ?
(e) We all have our own life to pursue . Our own kind of dream to be weaving. And we all have the power to make wishes come true, As long as we keep believing.
Go now & go after your purpose in life, you only have one chance. Make it happen.